Rent a car

Useful information

How to choose what type of car to rent?
When choosing a car rental it is good to take into account the following parameters:
-number of travelers
-the kilometers you plan to travel during the rental period. If you do not plan to travel long distances, it is sometimes more profitable to rent a car with limited mileage.
-the amount of luggage you will take with you. It is good to pay attention to the capacity of the trunk so as not to be surprised when you can not fit your luggage.
-type of car fuel-diesel or gasoline
-transmission of the car -with manual, automatic or semi-automatic speeds
-The age of the driver and the young driver vary from company to company and you can save money by renting a car from a company with less minimum requirements.
-included insurances limiting your liability in case of damage or theft may be limited to the amount of the deductible or completely limited depending on the types of insurance included in the rental price or paid additionally on the spot
-The category of car you want to rent. It is important to know that Rent a Car companies do not guarantee a particular brand of car, but only its category.
-the working hours of the servicing Rent a Car office, as when renting the car outside the working hours of the servicing office is associated with the payment of additional fees.

What is the size of the deposit and what is it used for?
The amount of the deposit is determined by the specific Rent a Car company and depends on the car category, the destination of the car rental, the age of the driver, the price of the fuel tank, the value of the deductible in case of damage or theft of the car, etc.Depending on the policy of the specific Rent a Car company the amount that will be blocked on your card may include the amount of the deductible (deductible). The deposit serves as a guarantee that the Lessee will return the car with the agreed fuel and in the condition in which it was handed over and unblocked by several days to 30 days in case Rent a Car company does not make a claim.

What is the amount of deductible excess?
The amount of the deductible in case of damage or theft is determined according to the conditions of the insurance included in the rental price, which may partially or completely limit your liability in case of damage or theft. the wheels, the chassis, the roof and the locks.

What is the fuel policy?
There are three options for renting a car in terms of fuel provided.
-Full to Full With this option the car is delivered with a full tank and must also be returned with a full
-Level to Level With this option the car is delivered with a certain amount of fuel and must be returned with the same amount
-Full to Empty With this option the car is delivered with a full tank, and the fuel is paid in advance at a price determined by the Rent a Car company. It is possible to pay an additional fee.

What is a lease?
The rental agreement is signed directly with the Rent a Car company, immediately before renting the car. It indicates the services and insurance paid under the voucher, the amount of the deductible, the rental conditions, the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, the deposit amount, the procedure which you must follow in case of damage, damage or theft of the car, grace period when returning the car, etc.

Why buy car rental insurance?
When renting a car, the Lessee is responsible for the full value of all damages caused to the car, shortages or theft, as well as the resulting additional costs. ) on the purchased insurance.

Can I get my money back for unused time?
Unfortunately not. The price of the reservation made with us is calculated for a specific rental period at preferential prices, which do not allow changes after taking the car from the Rent a Car company, with which you enter into a contractual relationship immediately after signing the rental agreement.

What to do in case of failure?
In case of damage, please contact the Rent a Car company directly at the telephone numbers indicated in the contract and follow the instructions given. Do not try to repair the car or use professional services without the express permission of the Rent a Car company.

What happens if I have an accident with the rented car?
If you have an accident with a rented car, you must call the contact number specified in the car rental agreement, as well as inform the relevant authorities.

What to do in case of theft?
In case of theft of the rented car or parts of it, immediately contact the Rent a Car company at the telephone numbers specified in the contract and follow the instructions given, and the relevant authorities must be informed in order for the relevant protocol to be issued.

What is my responsibility as a Tenant?
When renting a car, the Lessee is obliged to treat the rented car carefully and is materially liable for all violations and fines imposed on him during the use of the car, as well as for all costs related to the value of the car needed to restore it to its original condition. type, including the cost of return, repair, lost rental benefits in case of partial damage. The tenant also owes full compensation in case of theft and / or absence of: car elements, wipers, cassette player, navigation system, antenna, tires, wheels, rims and, damaged interior, as well as in case of dirty upholstery, intolerable smell of cigarette smoke and other pollution. on the interior and exterior of the car, requiring special cleaning. The tenant is not allowed to use the rented vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for races, sports events and off-road driving, - for tests and experimental driving, for subcontracting to third parties, for criminal acts, for transport of dangerous goods and towing of other vehicles.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?
If your flight is delayed and you will not be able to pick up the car at the time indicated on the voucher and the subsequent grace period, please contact us or directly with the office of Rent a Car company and inform it about the changes so as not to lose your right to use the service. If, as a result of a delayed flight, the time of picking up the car turns out to be outside the working hours of the service office, you may have to wait until the next day or if the Rent a Car company offers to wait for you to pay additional fees, which in most cases are calculated per hour after the official working hours of the office.

I don't have a credit card? Can I rent a car?
If you do not have a credit card, you can provide the credit card details of a person traveling with you, as in the rental agreement is concluded with the person whose name is the credit card, and your name is specified as an additional driver, for an additional fee. the person holding the credit card must meet the rental requirements: driving experience, valid driver's license and valid identity document. Some Rent a Car companies allow the payment of the deposit with a debit card, against the purchase of additional insurance, limiting your liability in case of theft or damage.

What happens if I lose the documents or keys of the rented car?
In case of loss of documents or keys of a rented car, it is necessary to immediately notify an employee of the Rent a Car company, and you will be charged an additional fee.

How can I limit or exclude my liability for the rented car?
To exclude or limit your liability to a minimum, you must purchase additional insurance Full insurance on the spot (so-called SCDW or similar) or a package in which it is included.The full insurance is offered by the Rent a Car company and all costs in case of damage or theft are covered directly by the insurance, according to the conditions described in it. with better coverage, where the User pays on the spot all costs arising from renting the car, and the insurance company reimburses them to his bank account after a certain period of time. More information about this type of insurance, you can read in the menu Insurance.

Can I shorten or extend the rental period of the car?
You can make changes to a paid reservation until the beginning of the rental period with the assistance of Majestic Tours Ltd. After signing the rental agreement and taking the car, all changes must be agreed directly with the Rent a Car company. It entitles you to a refund for unused time.

I will not be able to return the rented car on time. Will I be charged any additional fees?
Rent a Car companies usually give a grace period during which you can return the car without additional charges, and some of them require the Lessee to warn in advance that he will be late with the return of the car. After the expiration of the grace period the Lessee is charged an additional fee in the amount of one rental day, at the official daily rates of the Rent a Car company, which may be higher than those offered by us in the price of the prepaid reservation.

The car rental contract is in my name. Can someone else drive the car?
Yes, the car can be driven by other drivers, but they must be registered in the rental agreement and provide a valid driver's license and identity document. Each additional driver is charged an additional driver fee per day.

When renting a car, can I travel with it outside the country or rental region?
Driving outside the country or rental region is associated with the preparation of additional documents and depends on the conditions of the specific destination and Rent a Car company. Most Rent a Car companies require at least 14 days advance notice. The service is associated with the payment of an additional fee .

I will travel with a child. Do I have to get a high chair?
According to the requirements of the country where you will drive the car, you may be required to use a child seat or child seat for babies and children under a certain age. The child seat and child seat can be rented by the Rent a Car company on site, and it is recommended that be ordered in advance at the time of booking or before the start of the rental period, as well as be used by you.

Can I attach a trailer or caravan to the rented car?
Rent a Car companies do not allow towing of other vehicles or trailers, transportation of large, bulk, etc. types of cargo, off-road transitions, as well as participation in competitions, trainings, drills, tests with the rented car.