Rent a car

Conditions for renting a car

Majestic Tours Ltd. acts as an agent for car rental reservations on the basis of direct agency agreements with Rent a Car companies or their agents.
When booking a rental car, the User enters into a contractual terms with Majestic Tours EOOD, as an agent in connection with the reservation of the car rental service, and for the provision and use of the car the terms of the rental agreement of the specific Rent A Car company, which is concluded on the spot just before renting the car.

Reservations for car rental are made only after acceptance of the offer by the User and receipt of the amount due to the company's account. The rented vehicle can be driven only by the person registered in the reservation and in whose name the voucher applicable for the paid tourist service is issued. Rent a Car companies offer the opportunity to drive the car by another person who meets the criteria for renting a car for a fee for an additional driver.

Driver age requirements
Car rental companies set limits on the minimum age of the Lessee, which in most cases is over 21 years, but there are also companies that allow renting a car below this age. According to the requirements of the specific Rent-a-Car company, renting a car from users under 23-25 ​​years. and over 70 years. it may be related to the payment of a so-called "young" or "adult" driver on the spot when signing the rental agreement.

Minimum age requirements
The requirements for the minimum length of service of the driver and the date of obtaining the driving license vary from 1 to 5 years depending on the conditions of the Rent a car company, the vehicle category and the country of rental.

Necessary documents for renting a car
-Valid identity document, which can be an international passport or ID card (when renting a car in an EU country). The Rent a Car company may require an additional document certifying the address of the driver's place of residence, in case he does not appear on your identity document.
-Valid for the state of hiring a driver's license. If the driver's license is not in Latin or is not valid for the country of rental, the provision of an original international license is required.
-Valid credit card in the name of the Renter of the car to block the deposit.
-Majestic Tours EOOD is not responsible if the car rental service is refused due to failure to provide the required documents or insufficient funds on the credit card of the person indicated on the voucher.

The price of booking a rental car is determined on a 24-hour basis and is valid only for the specific period, place of rental and return of the vehicle and its category and usually includes civil liability insurance, VAT, damage insurance (limited liability) of the tenant), insurance against theft (with limited liability of the tenant), daily or unlimited mileage, full tank (unless otherwise stated).
Additional extras such as child seat / car seat, navigation system, snow chains, Wi-Fi modem, ski rack, winter tires, additional insurances limiting the tenant's liability can be requested to the reservation or additional fees may be charged as "Young driver fee", second driver fee, out-of-hours service fee, car delivery or pick-up fee, travel abroad or out-of-area fee, refueling fee (when the car is not returned with a full tank), damage fee, etc. Advance payment of additional extras is not always possible, as their provision depends on their availability at the time of taking the car and in most cases are paid on the spot in local currency.

Additional fees related to renting a car
Delivery and collection fee for the car
This type of fee applies when the delivery and collection of a car from / to specified is done at an address other than the office of Rent a Car company from which you rent the car.
Service charge outside working hours
This type of fee is paid on the spot and applies when picking up or leaving the car takes place outside the working hours of the rental office. In case of flight delay and inability to pick up the car during the working hours of the service office, you must notify the Rent a Car company and check for the possibility of being serviced outside working hours.
Fee for refueling and payment for the fuel used by the Lessee
This type of fee is charged when the car is delivered with a full tank and is returned empty or with missing fuel. It is paid in addition to the amount calculated for the fuel consumed (which is calculated at the price per liter of fuel determined by the car rental company).
Additional driver fee
This type of fee is charged to the rental price and allows the rented car to be driven by an additional driver / s.
Young driver fee
A young driver's fee is paid when the Lessee is under a certain age, according to the conditions of the specific Rent a Car company, and in most cases it is applied for persons under 23-25 ​​years of age.
Fee for travel outside the country or a specific area
This type of fee allows driving outside the state or region of the rental car and is not offered by all Rent a car companies. In case you want to travel with the rented car outside the destination or region indicated by you, please let us know in the inquiry sent to us in order to give us the opportunity to offer you the right offer for you.You should also keep in mind that this option requires additional documents and must be requested from the specific Rent a car company within the period specified by it, prior to the date of collection of the car.
Damage fee
This fee is paid in addition to the amount due for damage, loss or theft of the car.
One-way rent fee
This type of fee is charged automatically when booking a rental car, when it comes to picking up the car from one city and returning to another.

Types of insurance
-CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) or insurance "Limitation of the Lessee's liability in case of damage to the car as a result of damage" to the amount of personal participation (excess). The insurance does not cover damage to wipers, radio CD-player, antenna, tires, wheels, mirrors, registration number, keys, damage to the chassis or interior of the car.The insurance is invalid in case of use by the driver of drugs, alcohol or other narcotics, in case of non-observance of the traffic law and in the use of the car outside the roads intended for car traffic.
-AI (Additional Insurance) - completely releases the Lessee from liability in case of damage to the tires, wheels and chassis of the car.
-TP (Theft protection) or "Protection against theft" -limits the liability of the Lessee as a result of theft of the car to the amount of personal participation (excess). It is valid only upon submission of a protocol by the Ministry of Interior and return of the documents and keys of the rented car.
-SCDW (Super Cover Damage Waiver) -includes the above insurance and completely removes the liability of the Lessee in case of damage or theft.
The above insurances become invalid in case of use of alcohol and / or narcotics, damages caused as a result of driving off the road surface / marking, as a result of refueling, non-compliance with the traffic law of the respective country, in the absence of police report , as well as if the car keys are not returned.
None of the above insurances releases the customer from liability for damage to the interior of the car (upholstery, dashboard, seats, trunk trim, etc.)!
Coverage and types of insurance may vary from company to company and location. The full information about the coverage of the paid insurances will be provided to you when signing the lease agreement with the Rent a Car company.

When signing the rental agreement with Rent a Car, the Lessee is required to provide a credit card in his name to block the deposit, which serves as a guarantee that in the event of additional costs due to the fault of the Lessee, they will be paid by him. The value of the deposit varies according to the age of the driver, the country in which the car is rented, the category of vehicle and the amount of personal involvement in case of damage or theft.When renting a higher category car there may be a requirement to provide 2 credit cards in the name of the Lessee. Some Rent a Car companies also accept a deposit with a debit card or cash. If you do not have a credit card, please let us know when sending at your request so that we can offer you the right offer for you.

Fuel is not included in the rental price, except in cases where it is prepaid. Most Rent a Car companies offer car rental with a full tank, and the missing fuel after the end of the rental period is paid by the Lessee at prices per liter set by the Rent a Car company and an additional refueling fee.
Rental period
The minimum period for renting a car is 24 hours, and it can vary according to the conditions of the particular company. The daily rate is calculated on a 24 hour basis, and the extension of the rental period after the conclusion of the rental agreement or late return of the car is charged by Rent a Car companies at their daily rates, which may be higher than ours.

The rental price may include daily mileage, mileage for the entire rental period or without restrictions on the kilometers traveled.
Handover protocol
The handover protocol is an integral part of the rental agreement and is formed and signed in 2 copies - one for each of the parties. The handover protocol describes the external and internal condition of the vehicle, as well as its technical condition and serviceability.
If you notice any damage, scratches, malfunction, inconsistency in mileage or incomplete tank (according to the terms of the lease agreement), ask the employee of the Rent a Car company to mark it in the protocol and sign. Otherwise it is assumed that you have no remarks and when returning the car you may be charged additional fees if the vehicle is not returned in the condition in which it was taken, taking into account the details described in the acceptance protocol.

The voucher will be available for download through the personal profile of the User who made the reservation after it is confirmed and the amount is credited to the account of "Majestic Tours". The voucher is a document describing the details of your reservation, as the name of the Tenant and Rent a Car company , date, time and place of taking the car, the type of category, the included insurances and extras and serves as proof that the car rental is prepaid. The voucher is not a rental agreement that is signed with the Rent a Car company immediately before renting the car. Rent a Car company reserves the right to refuse the rent to a person who does not show up at the registration desk after the time specified in the voucher and after the expiration of the grace period, as well as to a person who in their opinion is unable to drive or does not meet the requirements for renting a car. In the above cases, Rent a Car companies do not owe a penalty or refund.

Flight delay
In case of flight delay, during which you will not be able to pick up the car within the time specified in the voucher and the subsequent grace period specified by the Rent a Car company, you must contact it on the phones listed on your voucher and notify it of the occurrence. changes, otherwise you may lose your right to use the paid service without the right to compensation and refund. Each Rent a Car company determines its own policy in case of flight delay and waiting time, including the possibility to pick up the car outside the working hours of the office on the reservation (against payment of service fee outside working hours).

Change of reservation by the customer
Request for change on a confirmed reservation is possible only through the personal profile of the User on official working days from Monday to Friday in the time interval from 10:00 to 18:00. as well as any additional costs that must be paid by him. Changing the name, vehicle or Rent a Car company may lead to cancellation of the entire reservation according to the following conditions for cancellation and making a new one.

Cancellation of a reservation by the customer
Request for cancellation of a confirmed reservation is possible only through the personal profile of the User during official working days from Monday to Friday in the time interval from 10:00 to 18:00. of the reserved rental period "Majestic Tours" EOOD returns 100% of the paid amount, deducting an administrative cancellation fee of BGN 20.In case of a cancellation request sent after the specified term, a fine in the amount of 100% of the paid value of the reserved service shall be applied. or a promotional tariff that does not allow free cancellation.