Book your access to airport lounges (Airport Lounges), also called business and leisure lounges, guest lounges, business or VIP lounges, located in over 350 international airports and over 80 countries, regardless of airline or class of travel

The airport lounge is the perfect place to escape from the crowded and noisy airport terminals while waiting for your boarding. Help yourself to a range of light refreshments and drinks, as well as a good selection of alcoholic beverages in most lounges, watch TV, read newspapers and magazines, surf the Internet via Wi-Fi, and just emjoy the wait. For the weary traveller many lounges offer shower facilities to freshen-up; some even offer relaxing spa treatments. Many salons also offer shower facilities to freshen-up. The more exclusive lounges offer services such as en-suite bedrooms, games rooms, separate children’s playgrounds, a mini cinema, a gym, relaxing spa treatments and other amenities.

You can pre-book an access to Airport Lounges is available from 15 months to 24 hours before your desired time and date for as little as 16 EUR (prices vary according to the conditions of the selected Airport Lounge). Access to the lounges is applicable for a maximum stay of up to 3 hours and only for passengers holding a valid plane ticket for a flight departing from the lounge location terminal.

How to prebook a lounge pass access?
-Send us an inquiry and experience our personal touch. We will send you an offer with all the details regarding your prebooking an access to the desired destinations and payment details.
-Book and pay directly online and collect your Lounge Pass confirmation